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Agreement Between JFPCGW and Borgwardt Funeral Home 7-1-2000-through-6-30-2002


Agreement Between JFPCGW and Borgwardt Funeral Home 7-1-2000-through-6-30-2002

This contract is made between the Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington, "JFPCGW," and Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A., with premises at 4400 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, MD hereinafter called the "Funeral Director" or "FD," effective July 1, 2000 through June 30, 2002.

FD understands that JFPCGW’s primary purpose is to permit and encourage congregations to honor their dead by taking the lead in ritual activities and in protecting and comforting the mourners, and to follow the Jewish values of quick burial, and simplicity and equality in death. FD agrees to cooperate to further those purposes.

The Funeral Director agrees to provide any Jewish congregation or its members, or family members of its members, a funeral which includes the services and merchandise listed below. Except as indicated below, the price will be $1395 through June 30, 2001, and $1475 from July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002. FD may also add any increase in the wholesale price of the casket if it is purchased, and used in the funeral, during the second year.

1. Removal of the body from the place of death, or another place, within 40 miles of the Washington Beltway.

2. Securing a signed copy of the physician’s death certificate at the place of death and at the time of removal. If the death certificate is not ready there and then, $80 will be charged for obtaining the death certificate later.

3. Refrigeration as required.

4. An all-wood pine rectangular casket, of appropriate size for the particular deceased, as mutually agreed between the Committee and the FD.

5. Use of the FD’s premises, 24 hours per day, including Sundays, for ritual washing (tahara) and watching (shmira) of the body and lounge facilities for the people involved. Ritual washing includes cleaning the body and stopping bleeding, dressing the body in a shroud set, placing it into the casket, and closing the casket. FD will provide all necessary supplies for the ritual washing, including muslin shroud sets, Israeli earth and clay, and protective clothing for the washers. FD will cooperate fully in learning the needs and meeting them. FD will create a Tahara Room with private entrance with a table suitable for performing tahara, with running water, heating, air conditioning, and all supplies needed. FD will also create a shomers’ area separate from, and adjacent to the Tahara Room, with a telephone and rest room facilities.

6. Cleaning, dressing and casketing the body when ritual washing is not performed.

7. Use of the FD’s chapel for a funeral service when desired by a family.

8. Transportation of the body to another place, such as a synagogue or a home for the funeral service, then transportation to the designated cemetery.

9. All customary paperwork, such as newspaper notices, Social Security and Veterans claims, death certificates, etc. This does not include the additional charges for those items made by the newspapers, or the fees for the certificates, which shall be charged at cost.

10. FD will order certified copies of the death certificate on behalf of the family by U.S. mail. If requested to secure certified copies by some other means FD will charge $80 for doing so.

11. Guest register book and two boxes of acknowledgement cards (memorial package), and Shiva/ritual candle, to be given to the family.

12. All transportation to and from places within 40 miles of the Washington beltway is included. Transportation of the body within the area of Maryland and Virginia beyond the 40 miles will be charged at $3 per loaded mile. Road trips to New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania will be charged at $800.

13. On request, FD will furnish one or more limousines and drivers for a minimum of three hours. Minimum charges shall be $250 for a 6-passenger, $300 for an 8-passenger, and $350 for a 10-passenger, limousine. Additional time shall be charged at $85 per hour or portion thereof. The time is measured from the time the limousine leaves the garage to the time it returns, but no more than one hour shall be charged for the round trip to and from the garage.

14. The family will not be required to visit the funeral home. FD will send a representative to the bereaved’s home to accomplish paperwork, when requested.

15. FD will permit one person associated with the funeral to ride in the funeral coach with the director.

16. If there is no religious or funeral service, or if the body is transported to another funeral director prior to such service, the charge shall be $ 725.

17. This funeral is provided as a package. There will be no credit for services or merchandise provided above which are not taken by the patron, except as specified in this contract.

18. The FD agrees that when a bereaved member of any congregation contacts it, it will inform the person designated by the congregation or the Rabbi of the congregation. The FD will also inform the bereaved of the designated congregational contact or the rabbi. FD will not attempt to sell any upgrade merchandise or services to the bereaved without involving the person designated by the congregation or the Rabbi of the congregation.

19. Any merchandise not included or optioned in this agreement, including the appendix, may be charged at FD’s then current price list, reduced by the price list value of such merchandise as it replaces. In no event will there be a separate charge for professional services.

20. Families or congregations will not be billed earlier than 30 days after the burial, except that cemetery charges may be billed as required by the cemetery, and the patron must pay, in advance, cash requirements of more than $120 for the items listed in Paragraphs 9 and 13.

21. FD will assign a single account executive whose primary duty is to receive calls for services, and to facilitate its performance, under this contract. FD will see that such functions are covered when the account executive is absent. Contract patrons will be given a single number to call.

22. FD will keep JFPCW advised of its procedures, and of changes to its procedures within 15 days of making the change..

23. FD will furnish JFPCW quarterly statistics of funerals performed under this agreement by the 15th day of the succeeding month, including the name of the deceased, the congregation or other source of the call, and a copy of each invoice.

24. JFPCGW shall have the option to renew this contract annually, for an additional two years, until 6/30/04, with price increases of 8% on 7/1/02 and 7/1/03; and thereafter until 90 days after the FD gives the Committee and congregations notice of any intention to increase any price or to terminate this contract.

Robert M. Hausman, JFPCGW Chair, for JFPCGW

Don Borgwardt for Borgwardt Funeral Home


1. Memorial package will be taxed as merchandise per various state requirements. For that purpose, the following values are assigned: Coffin $ 162, including sales tax; Register books, $15; 2 boxes of acknowledgement cards, $15 ; ritual candle, $10 . 2. Any "cash advance" charges or fees will be passed on to the user of those services.