Displays & Demonstrations 

Honoring & Sharing

Vendor Sales

Tachrichim - sewing, patterns and displays of different kinds 

Where do you live - map with pins

Books and video sales - author signings

Constructing Caskets

What do you want from the conference - sticky tree

Re-issue of Plain Pine Box and Video

Sewing A Michseh - pall covering

Tell us about your Chevra Kadisha founders or long serving members and send in a short bio and picture

Video and Movie room - My Girl, Harold & Maude, Kissed, 6 Feet Under, The Burial Society

Protection  - barriers - goggles, boots, gloves, vaccinations - hepatitis

Honoring our authors who write about Chevra Kadisha

Yahrtzeit Lamp replicas

Cleaning and washing the met - egg, vinegar

Why are we doing this work, what does it mean, what is difficult, what is rewarding

Caskets, candles, ribbons

Tahara - Purification - variations

What can go wrong - horror stories from the grave

Tahara supplies, barriers, tables

Tilting Tables for Taharah

9/11 stories


Tachrichim, dressing the met

Bring your Chevra Kadisha instruction manual - lots of  samples and copies to share

Israel Earth, rocks in a bag

Tying of knots -tying post for practice

Congregational letters, brochures, booklets

Laminated door instructions for shiva

Brechot - Liturgy, Hebrew & English

Niggunim before taharah

Portable wash stands with mirror from Toronto

Hand lowering devices at a cemetery

Talking during taharah

Laminated tahara instructions

Laying of wicks and candle making -  Knetlach Legn

How I learned Taharah

Yahrtzeit calendar creator

Ritual manuals

Chevra book of the month club and on-line discussion - novels, biography, history

Prints and posters

Blach - sherblach and gerblach

Annual training institute


Chevra chumor