Chevra Kadisha Conference Physical Chevra Kadisha Track


1. Tahara – Advanced Issues - Balancing Chevra minhag and traditional practice with Kavod Hamet. Includes an explanation of medical devices and how to deal with them. Jackie Stromer from the Teaneck/Bergenfield Chevra Kadisha. - Sunday 2:10 pm

2. Basic Tahara Demo – English translation of the prayers will be spoken as members of the Winnipeg Chevra Kadisha demonstrate ritual washing, dressing and casketing. Questions and Answers to follow. - Sunday 4:20 pm


3. Cremation and Intermarriage – Developing a Chevra Kadisha Response – Gaining insight into the discussion of two very different communities that wrestled with these issues – The Orthodox community in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the Progressive community in Los Alamos, New Mexico. What can we learn about raising awareness, different ways of exploring issues, and consensus building? Rena Boroditsky and Rick Light. - Monday 9:45 am

4. Organizing a Chevra Kadisha – Lessons from the Field – Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky and Sandra Towers from Williamsburg, Virginia, Nina Rubin from Ft. Collins, Colorado, and Malke Frank and Pat Cluss from Pittsburgh.  Monday 2 pm

5. Exploring Death Related Education - for Youth, our Chevra, and our Community - Karen Richter (Winnipeg teacher), Michael Slater (Chicago Chevra Organizer), and Michelle Caplan (Congregation Educator) – Monday 4 pm

6. Chevra Kadisha Stories - Home Tahara – Dr. Russell Jaffe; The New Orleans Experience – Rabbi David Bockman; The Tri-partite Commission – Rabbi Sidney Applbaum (invited). - Tues 10 am