WORKSHOPS (Subject to Change)

  Taharah Cemetery Funeral Mourning Bikkur Cholim
1 Current Taharah Practices & Training Jewish Cemetery - Writings and Historical Practice Economics of Funeral Homes Shmira in NYC After 9-11 Bikkur Cholim - Learning From the Text
2 Afterlife In Our Prayers and Rituals Intermarried Burials and Cremation and Liners - oh vey Saving Religiously - Writing Agreements with Funeral Homes Nichum Avelim - Comfort the Mourners and Assist with Funeral Planning Using Psalms to Help with Bikkur Cholim and Hospice
3 Mortuary Manuals to Practical Reality Jewish Cemetery Ownership - Civil Law and Halacha Teaching Traditions to Funeral Home and Other Non-Jewish Staff Using Psalms to Help With Emotional Distress For Shmira Viddui - Death Bed Confessional
4 Helping Your Chaverim Understand Their Emotions After Taharah Jewish Cemetery Associations - Management, Maintenance and More Wrestling With the Place: Where are Funerals Held Grief and Growing - Bereavement Camp Why Bikkur Cholim Should be Part of the Chevra Kadisha
5 Complex Tahara Issues Developing a Rescue Strategy for Abandoned Jewish Cemeteries Non-profit Ownership of Jewish Funeral Homes Ethical Wills Maavor Yabok and Sefer HaHayiim -  Approaching Death